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WorkSpace Moncton

WorkSpace Moncton

I’ve been working from home for over 8 years now and have been constantly changing my environment and keeping things fresh. Part of this is changing where I work at times. The journey to these places and the places themselves help me work through problems and lets the creativity flow. Heck, just recently this is how I figured out how to implement persistence subscription support in the Asterisk PJSIP architecture in a sane manner. So to help with this I’ve recently joined a local coworking place, WorkSpace Moncton. It’s currently the only place within Moncton that offers coworking or an experience remotely like it. It opened in May of last year and has slowly been growing.

Why did I do it? Well… local establishments have cheaped out. Many places (coffee shops, for example) have gone for internet connections which are subpar in the world of today. Try to do anything or throw a few people on it and it crumbles. This ends up hindering the experience that I look for. A coworking environment on the other hand is made for this. For example WorkSpace Moncton has a FibreOP Business Connection at 50Mbps down and 30Mbps up. It’s perfect and just works.


What’s it like? The environment is great and welcoming. Victoria is at reception (you are obligated to say hi if you stop by) and Vanessa is behind the scenes keeping things going. If you have special things you need to do then they are very accommodating. I have at least one conference call a day and they let me grab an office for a bit for it. It’s also mellow and quiet. If you want to talk to others who may be here you certainly can, or you can hunker down and work. People respect each other. Oh, and one entire wall can be used as a whiteboard. This threw me off the first time I went in and saw writing on the wall.

Co-working Area

Want more privacy? They’ve also got some private offices you can rent (5 doubles, 10 singles). As of this writing 2 doubles and 2 singles are available. There are also meeting and conference rooms, with fancy Linux running touchscreen reservation panels.

Would I recommend it? Yes. If you need a change of scenery having this sort of place to go to where you can still get stuff done is great. They even have a “Jelly” day every 2 weeks on Friday where you can come in and try coworking for free. You might even find me there! Look at the calendar to know when.

Check them out on Twitter here or on Facebook over here.