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Stuff My Free Concierge Has Done

So I have a Visa Infinite credit card. One of the perks it provides is concierge service. An outside company is paid to take requests (by web, email, or phone) and to fulfill them as best as they can given a few rules. It was only recently that a friend (a guy named Sean Kelly) reminded me that my card has this perk and I’ve now starting thing of stuff I can use it for. This blog post aims to keep track of stuff I’ve asked them to do and the end result.

“Where can I have dim sum?”

There used to be a place in Greater Moncton which served dim sum but it closed down. I asked them to find any other places. They came up with one, New East Chinese Market & Restaurant, which only recently came into existence.

“Dim sum? Can you get the menu?”

Now that I knew of a place I asked them to get the menu. This was more difficult as the place has no menu online and no website. What they did was contact the place by phone and had them fax the menu. They then sent a PDF copy of the menu to me in my email.

“Gosh darn it, find me a suit I saw in a music video!”

I spotted a blue suit in a music video I liked and was wondering what they’d do with the request to find me one. They ended up looking at the origins of the suits which uncovered that they were indeed tailor made. They gave me this information and then asked if they could find me a tailor.

“Huh, I wonder who would provide a loaner vehicle if I had a car and needed it worked on”

This one actually came from my parents. They wanted to know if there were any places in town which would provide a loaner car. The concierge called around, researched, and ended up finding one place. They emailed me back and gave me the details on the only place in town.

What else will I ask them to do? I don’t quite know but so far they’ve done everything I’ve asked!