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WebRTC: Let me get right on that!

The following is a paid advertisement for… hey wait a minute no it’s not. This is an IRC log from #asterisk which echoes my own (current) thoughts on WebRTC.

23:42.37 mjordan: I’m going to be brutally honest here. If you can’t develop the systems you are prototyping WebRTC with, you probably shouldn’t be playing around with it. 23:43.31 mjordan: If you can, then by all means, rock it out. But you’ve got three moving targets: the browsers (which are all over the map), the client libraries, and - slightly more rarely - Asterisk (because we aren’t chasing Google, did that in the past, it sucked a lot, thanks please come again) 23:44.17 mjordan: We’ve had DTLS in Asterisk since 11.0.0. At the time, no one had an implementation that was free - no browsers, no soft phones, no one. Nada. We tested it between two Asterisk instances, checked the spec, yada yada, it worked. 23:44.36 mjordan: Since then, there’s been a few minor tweaks, but nothing major. Now the browsers finally mandate it, and everyone’s all in a rush? Yeah, okay. 23:45.08 mjordan: Let me go drop the legitimate features, bugs, and everything else in the world to go chase after the world, now that the world has finally caught up. 23:45.09 mjordan: Pass. 23:45.14 mjordan: It’ll get worked out. 23:45.20 mjordan: But I’m not losing any sleep over WebRTC.

The world goes on and until things settle… I don’t want to constantly change with it.